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Monday, March 15, 2010

CRM 4 : Lookup name label not being displayed

I've had an issue for the last couple of weeks that has been difficult to resolve. When users were trying to populate certain lookups on some CRM forms the name was not being displayed for the selected record in the lookup records dialog, but the lookups could be populated from the form assistant. After disabling all javascript I was a bit stumped to see the issue was still present.

I've been using a tool called CRM View Layout replicator to copy the columns in one view to other views. It turns out there is a bug in this tool and when it updates the "lookup view" it updated the preview attribute in the customisation xml, it set it's value to 1 instead of keeping it's origin value of 0. When you select an entity form the lookup records dialog, the system uses the view where preview value is 0 to find the name of a selected entity and populate it in to the lookup on the form.

The fix is to export the entity xml and update preview="1" to preview="0" for all the lookup views (1 per entity) that the tool has been used against and then reimport the xml again.

Here's an example where the preview attribute is incorrect:


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